All Crowns Are Not Created Equal!

There are many differences in the qualities and the properties of crowns.  When your insurance company tells you that they will pay a certain amount for those crowns on your front teeth, they do not care about the quality or the cosmetics of those crowns.   They usually base the reimbursement on the cheapest crowns available.  You, as the consumer, have the right to have a crown that is of better quality and cosmetics. You have the right to “upgrade” that crown to one that you will be happy to smile about!

What are the benefits of an upgraded crown?

  1. Best match to your natural teeth. They possess an ideal blend of translucency and lifelike appearance.
  2.  They are all-ceramic. No black line at the gum line!
  3.  Durability:  they provide excellent strength, and they are less likely to crack, fracture, or chip.
  4.  Conservation of tooth structure. Therefore: minimal removal of natural tooth structure.
  5. Multiple options…..crowns, bridges, veneers, onlays and inlays.
  6. Two year warranty.
  7. Custom color shading available.

So the next time you are diagnosed needing a crown, ask Dr. Hopkins what your options are and if an upgraded crown may be right for you.