To Floss or Not to Floss?

Keep flossing! A New York Times article suggested that flossing may not be necessary.  However, if you read the article closely, the statement claims that there have never been any clinical trials to back  up the fact that flossing helps prevent tooth decay and the prevention of gum disease. If you read the article all the way to the end however, it states that six trials did show a 40% reduction in tooth decay in children.

Keep Flossing to Prevent Gum Disease

As far as the prevention of gum disease, it is the bacterial by-products in plaque that irritate the tissue, cause bleeding, and if left there, will eventually cause bone loss and advanced periodontal (gum) disease. Having been in practice for over 35 years, my own personal experience with patients is that the ones that floss and brush regularly have fewer cavities and are not plagued with gum disease. Just because there hasn’t been a clinical trail doesn’t mean that it isn’t the best thing for your health!

Keep Flossing!

Dr. Mike Hopkins

Hopkins Dentistry Keep Flossing