Cosmetic Dentistry Dunedin Florida

Are you embarrassed by your smile? Thanks to cutting edge technology, we can help with that!
Do you hide crooked and unsightly teeth? When was the last time you smiled brightly in a photo? Now is the time to say goodbye to your unsightly smile. Dr. Mike will build you the smile you’ve always dreamed of!

Complete Smile and Teeth Makeover

Photo of Before and After Cosmetic Dental Makeover.
One of the greatest honors that I receive as a dentist is when a friend trusts me with their smile. Thank you, Greg C. for that trust! Greg sent me these pictures and was happy enough to share them.
“Nothing you wear is more important than your smile.” From Greg, 61 yrs old: “Y’all make going to the dentist something to be enjoyed! You’ve made my entire experience over the last two months something that you should be proud of. I simply can’t thank you enough.”


Dr. Mike Hopkins is a leader in general dentistry. His private practice specializes in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, and reconstruction therapy.

Dr. Mike Hopkins pictured with staff outside.
Dr. Hopkins uses the finest materials and latest techniques, so you can be confident and proud of your smile. His staff is experienced, well trained and caring in meeting the special needs of our patients.

New Smile,
Before and After

Photo of a Before and After Dental Makeover.
David F. is loving his new smile. The “before” picture was taken on 5/20/21 and the larger “after” picture was taken on 8/5/21. The upper teeth are done! Next we will move on to restoring the lower teeth. We are so happy for David and his new smile!

Contact one of our team members about Cosmetic Dentistry,
and start smiling today!

Using the newest technology and highest quality materials you can achieve a bright white smile in just a few visits! Whether it be crowns, veneers, Zoom Advance Power Whitening, or natural tooth colored fillings, Dr. Mike will give you a bright movie star smile! Ask one of our team members about Cosmetic Dentistry and start smiling today!

Our office offers natural looking veneers, crowns and bridges, as well as tooth colored fillings.


We also offer ZOOM one hour whitening and Invisalign. You can leave with a brand new smile in just one visit!

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